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Masquerade New Year's Eve

Venezia, Piazza San Marco, Monday 31st December 2012, from 10.30pm
Mestre, Piazza Ferretto, Monday 31st December 2012 from 10.30pm and Tuesday 1st January 2013 from 11.00am


Winter wears a mask, and Carnival is dressed up in white: in the occasion of the magic night that welcomes the year 2013, traditions reverse their roles. The high spirit of the carnival (a "winter carnival", according to the calendar) spread to the New Year's Eve and force everyone to get masked.
The Winter Festival of the New Year's Eve become "All White", like the big dance music parties all over the world, like the parties in Bahia beach where the new year is welcomed with flower tributes to the sea and to Yemanjà goddess.

A mantle of white light falls down on the stage in Piazza San Marco and covers the structure with ice and crystal pendants. In the center of the stage there is a big white mask, as if it was carved in the snow. Above the mask there is the foliage of a frozen tree, covered with lights and glittering brillants. The mask lives thanks to the glares and light beams coming out of the eyes, thanks to the spirals of white smoke wrapping up the artists on the stage, all dressed up in white.

Winter makes everything white and magic, and we invite the public to play along with us: no black evening dresses, but only white dresses, glitters and shining sequins, to adorn the party and give a brand new "white" style to the New Year's Eve.

In Venice, Piazza San Marco, the first part of the show is devoted to live music, with the Venice White Band performing the international repertoire of the most famous pop songs, supported by the singer Chiara Luppi and by a couple of dancers and performers dressed up and painted in white, that will involve the public with surprises and entertainment. The presenter is the fascinating and mysterious Mister White: he will host the audience to the midnight countdown and to the big firework display in the Basin of San Marco.
After midnight the stage will host the choreography by "Dancing Sphere": a dancer entrapped in a transparent sphere that looks like crystal and that rotates to the heart of the scene to perform her spectacular ballet.
And, finally, the dj-set by Dj Maci will accompany the public until late night.

The programme of Piazza San Marco
- 10.30pm Beginning of the show, with the live music of the Venice White Band, the singer Chiara Luppi and the entertainment by Mr. White
- From 11.00pm Free toast with Bellini Canella
- 00.00am Countdown to welcome the new year
- 00.15am Fireworks in the Basin of San Marco
- 00.30am dj-set by Dj Maci

In Mestre, in Piazza Ferretto, St. Sylvester night will get heated from 10.30pm on by Radio Venezia, through the entertainment by Rudi Zugno and the dj-set by Dj Paolo B., who will perform on the tower-stage of the ice skating rink, before and after the midnight countdown.
The first day of the new year the square will be full of colors, wishes and desires for the new year. Here are the Lords of the Snow, the waders of Acqualta Teatro. The elf Jack Frost (master of the winter) and the King and Queen of the snow, wound by a snow storm, will whiten Piazza Ferretto accompanied by a regal Waltz, played by the magic piano of Paolo Zanarella. And furthermore, The Great Throwing: with a great slingshot everyone can sends in the sky his message of wishes for the new year. Alternated to the throwing of long colored strips, that remind the fireworks, the game of the "Caramelloni of Kartene" will take place (colored inflated baloons launched in the air), together with the "Giant Ball" game: a ball of the diameter of 2,5 meters launched in the air and played by the public. Everything is conducted by the animators of Molino Rosenkranz and accompanied by music, under the direction by Roberto Cargnelli.
All along the day, from 11.00am to 9.00pm, the ice skating rink will be open to everybody, and at 3.00pm and 5.00pm it will host an artistic ice skating show by the professional athletes of "Pattinaggio Creativo", group made of three champions (Federica Costantini, Giulia Cotugno e Marta Bravin) who have been protagonist in international competitions and shows like "Winx on ice", and who will later skate together with the public.
And finally, at 6.00pm, the clou with the concert of the Venetian band Ska-J.

The programme of Piazza Ferretto
31st December 2012
- 10.30pm: Beginning of the show, with entertainment by Rudi Zugno and dj-set by Dj Paolo B. (Radio Venezia)
- 00:00am Countdown to welcome the new year
- 00.15am The music never stops...
1st January 2013
- 11.00am-9.00pm the ice skating rink is open to everybody
- 11.00am-1.00pm and 3.00pm-7.00pm: shows and ententertainment.
- 3.00pm and 5.00pm artistic ice skating shows
- 6.00pm Concert by Ska-J

New Year's greetings at Lido with the Ibernisti
In the morning of January 1st 2013, from 11.15am, on the Blue Moon beach at Lido, the traditional "new year greeting bath" will be held once again. The 35th edition of the event has two important novelties: a photo exhibition that displays the posters of the 35 years of history of "ibernismo" at Lido, and a prize for the "ibernista" (swimmer) coming from the most distant country, that is added to the traditional prizes for the youngest and oldest swimmer. After the bath, culinary specialties will be offered on the beach, accompanied by the music of the Venetian band "Spazio Zero" and Viennese waltz. A clown will entertain the kids and will offer them candyfloss.

WHITE VENICE 2013 is a concept conceived by Davide Rampello for the direction by Marco Amato


Additional services of public transport are organized for visitors of the New year's Eve event in Venice.

Trenitalia offers the following special trains leaving from Venice at the end of the event, after 1.00am, corresponding with the slot of maximum flow of people:

Leaving from

Departure time


Arrival time

Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Padova. Stops in Mestre, Mira, Dolo, Vigonza and Ponte di Brenta


Venezia S. Lucia


Portogruaro. Stops in Mestre, Carpenedo, Gaggio, Quarto d'Altino, Meolo, Fossalta di Piave, S. Donà, Ceggia and S. Stino di Livenza


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Castelfranco Veneto. Stops in Mestre, Spinea, Maerne, Salzano, Noale, Piombino D. and Resana


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stops in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Treviso. Stops in Mestre, Mogliano and Preganziol


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


Venezia S. Lucia


Venezia Mestre (no stop in Porto Marghera)


ACTV extends the public transport services, both by boat and by bus. Download here the complete program of the boats and Lido buses and of the buses in Mestre.

The PEOPLE MOVER, shuttle connecting P.le Roma, Marittima and Tronchetto, on the night of December 31st will be oper until 3:00am. Departures every 10 minutes, the last departure is at 2:50am



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