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Venezia Marketing & Eventi

Venezia Marketing & Eventi S.p.a. is a company which was born in 2007, constituted by shareholder Venice Casino, a historic attraction of the city, for the organization of the most important Venetian events, city marketing management and promotion of the city-brand, in collaboration with the City of Venice.

The objective which this new organization pursues is the enhancement of the cultural, historic and sporting events which take place in the city or which involve the city's international image.

At the local level, during the year Venezia Marketing & Eventi offers the city's visitors entertainment opportunities, cultural events and shows which summon up Venice's one-thousand-year-old tradition, while at the same time freshening up its image.

Venezia Marketing & Eventi allows you to become a sponsor of Venice - a unique business opportunity to link your name to a world leading city-brand.

An exclusive competitive advantage, enhanced by strong, innovative communications in which traditional media are flanked by the latest communication vehicles. 


Board of directors
President: Piero Rosa Salva
Board members: Renato Morandina, Vittorio Ravà

Coordinator: Fabrizio D'Oria
Promotion and communication: Gianluca Zuin
Secretary: Gaia Gori

Production: Nicola Catullo, Giorgia Marangoni
Marketing: Franco De Respinis
Communication and Press office manager: Fabrizio Conte
Press office: Elvia Grazi
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